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What happened to the Art in Graphics?

Why do so much of our artwork look so similar? Especially when it comes to corporate artworks more so stationery. Yes, We have to work within the corporate guidelines, but that should stop us as graphic designers, from adding a little more umf’ to the work. Be unafraid to change shapes, mix color, add texture, […]

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The Perfect Graphic

At Redipixel, we have the ability to accommodate any size project, whether large or small we’ll handle each one with the same critical scrutiny so as to maximize your creative options to provide exceptional communications

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Preparing files for print

So, you have received a final approval on your design project and it is time to put the message in print. What an exciting time. You have written your instructions to the printer in great detail, you have packaged your CD carefully……….. you have written the address of the printer you have chosen on the package and you have handed it to the Fed-Ex guy.

Then comes the phone call. The printer doesn’t have the fonts, the files don’t work, the paper you ordered isn’t made anymore and you forgot to add bleeds in your files, and when your head is reeling and your freeking out, they tell you they can’t possibly make your deadline.

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